Generations Quest

Equipping the Generations to learn to read, understand and live God’s Word together!

Scope & Sequence

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The first three years of content for Generations Quest will cover the following -


June 2017—JosiahPray

July 2017—Caleb


September 2017—Ruth

October 2017—Jehoshaphat

November 2017—Hezekiah

December  2017—Jesus


January 2018—Daniel

February 2018—Esther

March 2018—Elisha

April 2018—Good Samaritan

May 2018—Deborah/Jael

June 2018—Paul

July  2018—David

August 2018—Joseph

September 2018—Abigail

October  2018—Jesus

November 2018—Peter

December 2018—Mary the mother of Jesus


January 2019—Shadrach, Meshach & AbednegoGeneration Bible

February 2019—Enoch

March 2019—Adam’s sons

April  2019—Adam & Eve

May 2019—Joshua


July 2019—Disciples

August 2019—Zaccheaus

September 2019—Phoebe

October 2019—Elijah

November 2019—Moses

December 2019—Elizabeth


January  2020—Gideon

February 2020—Samuel

March 2020—Job

April 2020—Hannah

May 2020—Isaiah

Each monthly Quest Flyer will spend the first two weeks of the month getting to know the Bible person for the month. Then the remaining two weeks will walk you through verses from throughout the Bible which focus upon the point of the month.

This scope is focused and intentional. You will not be reading random Bible verses.